Praxis International

(formerly The Center for the Study of Russia and the Soviet Union)

Independent Research Travel Application/data sheet

USE THIS FORM ONLY FOR INDEPENDENT RESEARCH TRAVEL. Please be sure you have acquainted yourself with the information at


Around the time you submit your application, make a scan of the information page of your passport (the pages with your picture, information, and signature). Send this single page to us at: <rusarchive[at]>.

Please send your registration fee as soon as possible. Because of unhappy experiences in the past, we must receive your payment before finalizing your registration in Moscow.

Personal information:

All personal information is confidential and is used for Russian visa and institutional affiliation purposes only.


Last name (as appears on your passport):

First name(s) (as they appear on your passport):

home street address (line 1):

home street address (line 2):





postal code:


fax: (For sending your visa invitation.)


date of birth (in numbers: ""):

date of birth: day month year

place of birth:


permanent or current country of residence (if different from citizenship) :

passport number:

place passport isssued:

date passport isssued: day month year

date passport expires: day month year


Please list the name, address, and telephone of a person to contact in case of emergency:

Academic/Travel Information:


Please list your current academic affiliation, department, and rank/title:

Please list the full address AND TELEPHONE NUMBER of your place of work:


Please select the address where you would like to receive mail (visa invitations, etc.)

Please list your highest academic degree, institution, year:

Desired Russian entry/exit dates (to avoid last-minute rush processing, please select a "from" (entry) day several days (up to 1-2 weeks) BEFORE your actual entry and the nearest "to" (exit) day AFTER your actual planned date of departure. Standard visas are for periods of up to three months. Longer-term visas or multiple entry visas require additional lead time and fees in Moscow:



Do you need a multi-entry visa? (see info page for special requirements)

Please list the Russian consulate where you would like to receive your visa. We recommend Washington DC.

Please list all Russian archives and institutions to which you need accreditation. Names of archives are sufficient; fond and collection citations may be helpful but are not necessary:

(*Note: if you need to work in the Archive of the Foreign Policy of Russia AVPR, please see the note at the end of this form)


Please give a one-sentence title of your research project (in transliterated Russian):


Please BRIEFLY describe your Russian language ability and any previous travel to Russia:

Do you need Moscow airport transportation?

Do you want us to arrange housing? Note: the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow will not issue a visa invitation without your Moscow address. If you choose to arrange your own housing, please provide that ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBER in the box below.


If you want us to arrange housing for you in Moscow, please indicate here the dates you need lodging.  Do you have any special needs or important housing preferences we should know about?


Do not forget: Scan the passport page and send it to us ( as an email attachment.

Your participation in our program requires acceptance of the following:

"I understand that participants in the Center for the Study of Russia and the Soviet Union/Praxis International programs in Moscow participate at their own risk. The Center/Praxis cannot be responsible for delays, damages, or risks arising from situations outside their control, including but not limited to airline schedules and baggage handling, civil disorder, war, street crime, currency fluctuations, visa refusals or delays or bureaucratic problems outside our control. The Center for the Study of Russia and the Soviet Union/Praxis International acts only as agent for The State Archive of the Russian Federation and other persons and organizations in Russia.

I these conditions: "

*If you need access to the Archive of the Foreign Policy of Russia (AVPR), which is not under the control of the Archival Service of the Russian Federation, we need you to mail to us a fuller statement of your "tema". Researchers have had mixed success at this archive, but prospects are greatly improved with advance preparation. On no more than one page, typed in Russian, give your name, academic affiliation, the title of your research project and a description (as exact as possible) of the materials you seek. We need this two months in advance in order to give the best chance of success. We will fax it to our Moscow colleagues who will personally deliver it to the Director of the archive.